Is humor always something good?

In this specific time of our history, i don’t think that laughing is what we want to do the most, even if a smile is one of the most powerful medicine we have for our soul, but i would like to shaare some thoughts i have in mind. What’s your opinion about humor, comedy and satire? Is it ALWAYS a good thing to see or do?

In my opinion there’s nothing better than a comedian who can make me laugh so hard that i can barely breath. It’s wonderful, althought those kind of people are really rare, not becuase we have no idea how to be funny or because there’s nothing to talk about, but because it’s become almost impossible to be funny and joke about someone or something.

I don’t want to put the blame of a specific person or group of people, but we have become pretty touchy and too much concern. If you make joke about something, people will tell yo that you don’t get the gravity of the situation and if you joke about someone, that specific person will fight you back suggesting that the jokes are disrespectful, hideous and not funny at all. In this kind of environment, how can you make someone laugh? Because it’s pretty clear that nobody wants to laugh anymore.

“Well, you can be funny without being so mean!” you can say. “No, you can’t” that’s my answer. Being comedy means that you expose or tell jokes about something or someone. One way or another, the person you are talking about or you are talking to, will be upset because he or they will be suddendly under the spotlight and not everyone loves to have all the eyes on them. As a result, they will start to vent all the frustration on you, because you are the reason of their problem in that moment. It’s absolutely sad, let me tell you!

In my life, my friends laughed and told jokes about me. Even if some of the jokes were pretty mean, i always found them funny. because they have always told the truth about me, a exaggerated truth, but they were not false. And i think that everyone should accept and laugh about joked about them told by someone else. Those jokes are not a way to insult you, but a way to celebrate something they find unique about you. I think it’s also a way to accept and love what we are.

So, yes, i find humor and comedy always something good. As long the jokes don’t insult you or your family it’s always a green light.

What you thinl? If for you comedy something good?

Let me know,

With Love


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