Women: just one step behind!

I was reading the news on my phone and suddendly something interesting came to my attention. It was an article from a german newspaper “Der Spiegel“, where it’s described what a pregnant woman has to do before to go to the hospital for the family. And then i thought: will woman see the gender equality they are so strong looking for?

I really believe that women in power is what humanity need to save itself, because men in power clearly have no idea how to lead the world peacafully without using weapons to deal with problems. I also truly believe that women are made to lead us. However, i also still believe in Santa Claus and in God, so you can understand that my world is made by unicorns running happy over rainbows. In the real life, there are jackall instead of unicorn and heavy rain instead of sunny day and rainbows. Yes, life sucks…especially if you posses a vagina.

In this world we suppose to live in the 21st century, but we still live in the 18th Century. We don’t burn a woman a alive for sorcery, because it’s too inhuman, but we force her to give up her dreams and either stay home, living as an housewife, or giving her a crappy job without any kind of future. I’m sure this is acceptable.Please, just don’t start to talk about Angela Merkel, Jacinda Ardern or Mette Frederiksen, the Prime ministers of Germany, New Zeland and Danmark. Please don’t embarrase yourself, looking like a fool! Those three ladies have a intelligence beyond my immagination and they are maybe born for that. Be serious for once in your life: how many women are in position of power, controlling corporations, companies, cities or even countries? i’m sure that we don’t reache the 50% of the entire leadership in power right now. If we reach the 1% it’s already a great results…

Listen, i don’t wanna sound like an asshole, but in Germany, for example, the government will force all the board of directors in the country to have at least a certain numbers of women, depending on how big the board of directors are. How can you take women seriously in this way?Just to be clear, the society have no desire to work with women at all and the politics is forcing it to let women in the rooms of power. Am i the only one to think that it’s sad? I mean, how can you call it a “women’s revolution” when the politics have to force the society to let women feel the power? This kind of laws look like a present to give to a crying baby to let him/her stop screaming and not like a achievement. In sport there’s a revolution, but not in the other field of our society.

This is not how you can legitimize your position, my dear women. It’s not at all. In this way the male wolrd (the leading world) will see you as the uncool girl in school one has to work with her for a project and, no matter how talent this girl will be, once the project is over, she will come back in the shadow where she was previously. And it’s a shame and a huge waste, because in this way we will never do anything good for our future. I am 110% sure that women have a lot to offer and maybe they will bring us out from the blackout we are living right now, but if we don’t start to see women as a gift and not as an object or a tool we will continue to live in this crappy world!

Everything will start when a woman will be willingly chosen by a man because of her mind and not because a man was force to choose her. That’s revolution! Now what we have it’s nothing!

With Love


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