Fashion #4: Lingerie

What happens in the bedroom stays in the bedroom. This is a no-written rules in everybody’s mind: no matter what happens, it must be a secret between all the people involved. However, this world is a house of glass and we know that most of us struggle to deliver a good performance. To solve the problem, the ladies often use lingerie to help a very tricky situation. Now, is lingerie a no-go or a must?

Little disclaimer: it’s a personal thought about it, not a universal truth! If you have another opinion, just don’t get mad and let me know…maybe i am wrong, who knows?!

For me lingerie is just a weak try to cover a bigger problem that nobody wants to see. Listen, i am a man and as every single male human being if a hot woman moves and talks in the way lot of women does in internet i would not resist and my “tool of love” will be very happy to be part of the moment. So simple is that! If a man is not excited from what he sees means three things: he’s gay, he’s not attracted at you at all or you are doing something wrong. In the first two cases you, my lady, can do nothing but accept the fact and move on and in the third case sexy lingerie will not save you. And the reason is very simple it you think about it…

Sex doesn’t involved clothes. in 99,9% of the cases both partners are naked, maybe with only the socks on. All the rest of the clothes will lay on the floor or around you. Yes, a woman in sexy lingerie is a great way to start, but then if she’s not able to deliver a good performance all the sexy start will blow away. I know that the look stunning, but a man doesn’t need it.

There’s another problem around lingerie. To wear those king of clothes and not look awful, you must be beautiful and with a gret body shape. If you are too “curvy” or your body looks just too old for that kind of thing, just don’t do it. A man is a monkey and if you present yourself in that condition, there’s a huge probability that the man might reject you, pass out, vomit, run away or, even worse, laugh in front of you. Before to do something very stupid take a mirror, get naked and ask yourself, my dear ladies: am i good looking enough to be hot with lingerie? Just find an answer aa the question and then act accordingly.

One last little thing i want tell you before the end. If your man is really sexually attracted to you, you can be completely covered, from heat to toe, be sure that the men will use the x-ray power and will be excited to see what beneath all the clothes. If a man really wants to have sex with you, no matter what you have on, he will do everything in his power to take all the clothes on and get the job done! Trust me!!

If you have problem in the bedroom, maybe the relationship is not as good as you think…

With Love


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