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Vodka: The Ultimate Weapon!!

I’m not a drinker mylsef…at least not now! I used to drink when i was with my friends and i used to drink a lot of stuff. And i could actually magage the drunkenness pretty well. But I will never forget the first experience I have had with Vodka. It was dramatic!

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Simply Coffee: what esle could i say?

Just saying the word coffee i have so much energy in my body that i can walk a couple of meters and lay on my bed. There are those who says that is an absolutely must in their lives and the other who lies. But why is coffee, between all the energetic drink, so loved?

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Wine: the drink of GODS!

When we talk about wine, people all over the world thing too things: sex and a date. And it’s weird, because wine doesn’t supposed to be used only for that. If you ask an italian, best wine producers ever, the first three things about wine they think, those three things are money, sensorial experience and food! No sex and no date!! Let me help you to understand!

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Beer: get drunk happily together!

I think that God has thought of the best way to make sure that humanity gets big, happily while doing it, and here we are to celebrate beer, one of the reason why men get bigger and bigger, together with the chicken wings and burgers big as Cuba.

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