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Animals: A Panda’s Life

Panda in my opinion are the cutest creature in the entire world. I mean, they are the definition of cuteness and the smaller they are, the cuter they look. My heart just melt looking those lovely, cute and amazing creture. I just wanna be a panda! Let me explain you why!

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Animal: a Cat’s LIFE!

Have you ever thought how an animal’s life might be? Well, since i have absoluely nothing to do, i am asking myself: how amazing is being a cat? Yes, i could think of some more important, but i can control the monkey in my head!

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Mindblowing Obvious Facts #1

Listen, i am stupid! And this is a fact! But i’m proud to be stupid…at least i can do things a smart person would not do. And this post is a perfect example. Have you ever thought about obvious fact, which are not so obvious after all? Well, i do! And this is the result of my madness!

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