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Are you Jealous?

You meet someone, you start to date him or her and after weeks, or even months of patience persistence and constancy, you can finally do what seemed to be impossible in the beginning: break through your beloved’s heart! Emotions are just too stronf to be controlled and you think to live a dream. Then something happens!

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When you are in love with someone you don’t think at the other as only a person to share your moments with, but as a rock, a safe place and someone you can be with and feel safe all of a sudded. The world around you doesn’t exist anymore and the only thing you have is your endless love for someone that makes you smile and blush just looking at you with eyes full of love!

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Get Inside a Man’s Head!

I wrote prevoiusly about what a woman really want and how to know it. Today i would like to talk what a man really want and how to know it. Well, as a man myself, i can tell you, my dear ladies, my little experience of being a man.

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Endless Love: how to have that!

It happens sometimes that, when i walk around, i see old couple holding hands, kissing and being happy. Sometimes are even 70 or 80 years old people that they are still there together, loving each other like it was the first day. When i see that my heart melt lilke snow under the sun and i ask myself if today something like that can still be possible. Can we love someone unilt the end?

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Family Love must win!

I love my mom and my dad. I would sacrifice my life for them. And i think they would do the same for me. Even if i’m an adult, my mom and my dad are those two people in the world i will talk with for an advice, support and i will look for in case i need a safe place to be.

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Hello, nice to meet you!

It’s always the same story: a man meets a woman (or a woman meets a mane), they started to talk, they change the number and, after few days, one call the other. And here they go dating each other. Sound simple, on paper, reality is different, especially in the days between the change of number and the first call. Why? Because brain are getting crazy.

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I LOVE you!

Seven letters, three words, the most powerful feeling you can express in this life. Love is by far the most powerful, scary and overwelming feeling you can have in your heart. It’s so powerful that can help you touch the sky or see the devil in the eyes. On the other side is the most used word to give a name of feelings that are not love. Love is much more that just infatuation or ormonal attraction.

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