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How The perfect President must be?

In the History we have seen wonderful and awful presidents (more awful than good) and we have also seen different way to lead a country (some of them very weird). But, despite everything, this is my question: how should the perfect president be? More than that, could the perfect president exist in real life?

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Politics has to be a MESS to Work WELL!

I really convinced that the more messy the politics is, the better works. I know, you probably think i’m crazy, maybe i am, but not in this moment. Why don’t you sit and read what i have to say? After that, you can insult me.

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How to prevent criminality?

In every country in this world there are criminals. You can live everywhere you want, the local police department will always be busy to catch criminals and bring them to justice. But how can we decrease the criminal rate? Can we actually do that?

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How to improve politcs??

When we talk about politcs, I hear always the same things: they are liar, they don’t do what they promised and they are there just to sitting on their chair and do nothing. Well, you are wrong, because you are missing the point: politics is not a mission anymore, I don’t even know if it has never been, but a career with lots or money on the table.

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God saves the 4th Power: the press

Politics, establishments, criminal and the people in power always try to shut journalist up or they try to make their job really complicated or almost impossible. I instead say “God bless the press and all the people involved!” They are guardians of our society and they protect us.

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Sometime humanity is really stupid. Probably you know already! However when we talk about how countries invest money, the situation becomes even funnier. How can someone think that death is more important than life?


Why are we racist?

Finally black people have started to protest. I mean, you waited really, really, really long, but here you are fighting for rights and equality you don’t have. I’m happy that african-american have decided to do something for their lives, however it find sad that in 2020 people are still struggling to be treated equally. What’s the point of being racist? Why a “superior race” have to treat other races like that?

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Election Day 2020: who will win?

In November the world will change. One thing is for sure: after the election day in the United State the world will change. Because what happens in the U.S.A. effects the entire world. But how big the change will be? There are three different scenarios, in my opinion.

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