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1000 likes..Thank you!

I have to admit. In this last weeks i was too lazy if one talks about my blog. Last time i posted regularly was back in November…two months ago! Sorry for that, but when you work, time is not the good you can “waste” and when i came back home, i was just mentally drained to write anything intersting. However, today something happened that i wanted forget:

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2020 Year Review!

I’m back…i know that nobody cares, but for those who care, i’m back after few weeks out from my blogging career. This 2020 will be remembered…i have no doubt about it! Just few days and this year will be only history!

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I am a nice guy. So, i think that the best way to start my journey here is to introduce myself in the best polite way possible. Then one can start to diss, insult and say horrible thing about everything and everyone, but right here one has to be kind, nice and sounds cool.

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