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Do what you love!

I’m a blogger. And i do tht for three reason: i have plenty of time now, i have lot say, this hard will to talk with other, because i don’t wanna work for a stupid boss anymore and because i love it. And the last point is the one i want to talk about.

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The Perfect Boss: How it should be!

I have had only three jobs in my life and all them were a huge failure and probably a big mistake. However, i had to deal with collegues, who i often didn’t stand at all, and with another creature: the boss. The one, who leads the entire company and will pay you, often not as a much as you deserve. However i am asking myself: how the perfect boss should be?

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The world is costantly changing and at every change, there are always new opportunities. Before was the opportunity to earn money in internet with the opening of the first blogs, now social media, especially instagram, is offering huge opportunity to make money. How? This is the funny part.


Take time for yourself

It comes the time where you can do what you are doing anymore. Your brain turns off, your body stops moving and you have no idea what you are doing in your life. You are losing yourself and you have no idea what to do. There’s only one solution:

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Smart Working is the future.

In 2020 i don’t still understand wh we are forces to go to another place to work. I can understand if you are a workman and your garage is somewhere in the city. I get that. But if you work in a office, staying sit in front a computer eigth our daily there’s no reason to left your home. There’s a better solution.

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