Pasta saves lives!

If you think that i am exaggerating you have never been in Italy. Pasta is by far the most eaten food in the “Bel Paese” and one fo the most loved foods worldwide. It’s fascinating that Italy is famous for three things: Pizza, Pasta e Mafia (even if the last one is not a cool thing to be remember…at all). But i am right: pasta saves lives. Which ones?

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Imperfection is the new perfection.

If you think about beauty, what kind of image do you have in mind? I am sure that the men will think of one of the Victoria’s secrets’ model and the ladies would think of a tall man with big muscles. However, what’s happening is pretty different and let me tell you…i have never been so happy!

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I’m GAY!

Life is beautiful: you have a wonderful marriage, you children love you and life is going amazing. However, one day your son or your daugther comes to you becasue they want to tell you something. You and your partner have no idea what’s about to happen, so you start to be a little bit worried. You and yout beloved wife or husband sit and you start listening what the result of your love has to say. You can’t believe it!

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How to be known in internet!!!

Being a blogger means basically two things: share and connect. If for sharing the only thing you have to do is open your blog site an start writing what’s in your mind, things gets pretty tricky when we talk about connect with people. And the reason is only one:

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New Era for Women is coming!

The 21st Century in the century where everything is changing. We are changing the way we eat, we move, we think and we live. Between “Blacklivesmatter”, the “LGBTQ” and all the movement in pritection of women rights the society is chaniging, you like it or not. However, there’s something going on, pretty big that not all of us have realized how big it really is.

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Adverstising: The Key of blogging

I am convinced that blogging doesn’t work at all if you don’t work with brands or Google doesn’t put advertising on out blog site. Not in the long term, at least. In the beginning advertising might not be a problem, but it will become a thing as soon as you have a fanbase. Why?

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Election Day 2020: who will win?

In November the world will change. One thing is for sure: after the election day in the United State the world will change. Because what happens in the U.S.A. effects the entire world. But how big the change will be? There are three different scenarios, in my opinion.

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What’s important to be good blogger!!

Let’s say that you are one of those people with a really creative mind and you want to share all you have in your brain with the entire world. You create your own website, you customize it and finally you are about to make your very first step wrtiting your first article. This is amazing, but have you thought if you have what you need to be a good blogger?

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I Love Pizza!!!

Who doesn’t love pizza?? This is by far the most famous and loved food in the entire world. It doesn’t matter where you go, there always be an “italian restaurant” where you can eat “original pizza made in Italy!”. I am not kidding: i travel in different country in my life and i always found a fast food or restaurant where i could eat pizza, even in place i would have never imagined to find one. I was tempted to try, then i saw how those pizzas really looked and i ran away like i had seen i ghost.

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I am a nice guy. So, i think that the best way to start my journey here is to introduce myself in the best polite way possible. Then one can start to diss, insult and say horrible thing about everything and everyone, but right here one has to be kind, nice and sounds cool.

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Smile, Laugh, Be Happy

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