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Place i want to VISIT: Australia

I don’t like travel too much, because i’m too lazy. However for Australia i would make an exeption. I mean, Australia is one of the most beautiful Island in the world. I know already that in Australia there are problems like every country in the world, but that doesn’t change the fact that i would spend 20 hours up in the air just to be there! And the reason are too much!

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Fashion: The “Game-Changer” miniskirt

Probably it’s only me, but why do i have the feeling that the more women fight for their right, the tinyer are their clothes? It’s incredible, but you can actually understand how hard they fight just watching the clothes: the shorter the clothes, the harder the fight. Don’t you believe me? Well, here me out!

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Imperfection is the new perfection.

If you think about beauty, what kind of image do you have in mind? I am sure that the men will think of one of the Victoria’s secrets’ model and the ladies would think of a tall man with big muscles. However, what’s happening is pretty different and let me tell you…i have never been so happy!

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