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It’s Ok Not To Be Ok!

If you are wondering if i used those two talented, famous and wonderful women jus tfor a clickbating strategy, well…i don’t! There’s a reason why i used Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato as cover. And the reason is that they have shown their human sides, trying to help other people.

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My Body, My Choice!

Reanding this post you will probably realised how i’m happy that women are starting to fell free to do what they want and how much i think that world is colouring in pink. However i see problems when we talk about woman’s body. Women are doign everything they can to change the mentality, but it’s really hard.

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Pregnancy: a bless from above!

I don’t know if miraacle exists, but pregnancy is probably the closest thing to it. It’s amazing that from something so small, two cells, a human being can born and it’s also even more amazing how a female body and mind are able to handle all of it.

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Sara Underwood: an icon of modern woman.

I was actually not sure writing this post, not because i had no idea what to write, but because the woman i am going to talk about might be pretty controversial. Now, my quesion is: do you know Sara Underwoon? Well, take a sit and five minute to read. Let’s see what happens.

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Why nude material is so unwanted?

You think that it’s not true, because you might say that a big part of internet is made by those content and even more hardcore material. But i am not talikng about internet, but social media, advertsing and television. Why everywhere i look a person with no dress on is not accepted?

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Take time for yourself

It comes the time where you can do what you are doing anymore. Your brain turns off, your body stops moving and you have no idea what you are doing in your life. You are losing yourself and you have no idea what to do. There’s only one solution:

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Women, you are heroes!

I truly believe that. It’s weird to say nowadays, but women are real heroes…for the wrong reasons, of course. I would love to celebrate them for something they do for humanity, but I can’t. Not because they don’t do nothing, but it’s not enough for a post here. They are sadly heroes for other reasons.

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