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Would you change your life?

This is a question that probably will have no answer, but if you had the chance to change either a decision you took or something you did in the past, without knwoing the consequences prerviously, would you do it?

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How to prevent criminality?

In every country in this world there are criminals. You can live everywhere you want, the local police department will always be busy to catch criminals and bring them to justice. But how can we decrease the criminal rate? Can we actually do that?

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How to improve politcs??

When we talk about politcs, I hear always the same things: they are liar, they don’t do what they promised and they are there just to sitting on their chair and do nothing. Well, you are wrong, because you are missing the point: politics is not a mission anymore, I don’t even know if it has never been, but a career with lots or money on the table.

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