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Are Kids our future??

When we talk about kids we say that they are our future. It’s a wonderful thought, but it’s the truth? Because i am not sure about that!

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Let gay couples have Kids!

I am a huge fan of personal freedoms. And i am even more fan of personal freedom when we talk about gay and the entire LGBTQ community. However the discussion gets pretty rough when we put the words gay, family and, especially kids in the same sentence with a positive meaning. It seems that people are really scared of gay be happy and i really don’t know why.

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Pregnancy: a bless from above!

I don’t know if miraacle exists, but pregnancy is probably the closest thing to it. It’s amazing that from something so small, two cells, a human being can born and it’s also even more amazing how a female body and mind are able to handle all of it.

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