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Most Amazing Moments: sunset!

I’m 100% convinced that summer is magic. And i am sure that you think exactly like me. Between sun, blue sky, bikini, mini skirt, happiness and love in the air, those three months are the best months of the year. More specifically, summer is amazing for another reason: the sunsets.

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Most Amazing Moments: Autumn und Rainy Day!

I am the kind of person, who lives every single the moment as best as it gets. And in every moments, emotions run in my mind and even the little tiny detail can eb the reason of the smile on my face or the beginning of a great idea. It’s really awesome to think how much the little moments can effect our mood. And autumn days are one of those moments!

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Heather Rooney: Perfection Exists!

I just want a play a game with you: the image i used for this post is composed by three pictures. Two of them are drawings, one is a real photo. Try to guess which one is the real one. Heather Rooney is just perfect.

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