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1000 likes..Thank you!

I have to admit. In this last weeks i was too lazy if one talks about my blog. Last time i posted regularly was back in November…two months ago! Sorry for that, but when you work, time is not the good you can “waste” and when i came back home, i was just mentally drained to write anything intersting. However, today something happened that i wanted forget:

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Critics: opportunity or waste of time?

The bigger one becomes, the higher are the opportunity to create a lovely community to talk and share opinions with or to be better together. However, between those you can call “friends” there are also those who are “enemies” for you, the so called haters. The question is: are haters an important part of your success or not?

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Fanbase: The Bigger, The Better?

A fanbase, or at least followers, are pretty important if you are a blogger, both if you want to communicate something and if you have built a business around your blog. The question now is: what is better? A huge or a small fanbase?

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MY BLOG’S WEEKLY REPORT #3: Still Getting Stronger!

In the last two weeks, especially the second one, i told how insane my week was. Well, this one was not bad at all!! And my journey is becoming funnier every single day.

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How to develop a New Idea!

In business, you can’t afford to think that you have done enough, because once you reach the top, this is the moment where you have to work even harder to keep the number one spot. And one of the most important things to do is to have new ideas. But how to develop a new idea in the best way?

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I am wondering: what can we do to create our own big community? To be more specific, how can we gain followers? This is a question we have always in mind when we start a career in internet as a blogger, as influencer or as streamer. How can we see the number growing like crazy?

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My Blog’s Weekly Report #1: What a weird Week!

When i decided to open this blog i always have in mind you, my dear followers. I think that keeping my community updated is important as much as giving them always good stuff to read. For that reason i decided to created this weekly report where i talk about what happened in the last 7 days. And talking about this very first week…

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100 Like!!! Thank You!!

Hi everybody, followers and not followers! It’ s a little post just to tank you. Today i have reached 100 Likes on my Blog…in just one week! Probably for lot of you is not so important, but for me that i have opened this blog exactly one week ago it’s cool that people like what i have to say! Next Target is 100 follwers, this is harder, but i know that we can do that!!

With the wish that my growth can become bigger and bigger i wish you a wonderful Week-End!!


What’s important to be good blogger!!

Let’s say that you are one of those people with a really creative mind and you want to share all you have in your brain with the entire world. You create your own website, you customize it and finally you are about to make your very first step wrtiting your first article. This is amazing, but have you thought if you have what you need to be a good blogger?

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