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Gay Marriage: a RIGHT TO GIVE?

Just a little game: what do you see in the post’s picture? I tell you what i see: i see just two person in love who want to decide of their relationship and life. Nothing more, nothing less. However, in many, many, too much countries this kind of discussion is always something legislators don’t wanna do. Then my question: why is gay marriage a no-go?

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Let gay couples have Kids!

I am a huge fan of personal freedoms. And i am even more fan of personal freedom when we talk about gay and the entire LGBTQ community. However the discussion gets pretty rough when we put the words gay, family and, especially kids in the same sentence with a positive meaning. It seems that people are really scared of gay be happy and i really don’t know why.

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I’m GAY!

Life is beautiful: you have a wonderful marriage, you children love you and life is going amazing. However, one day your son or your daugther comes to you becasue they want to tell you something. You and your partner have no idea what’s about to happen, so you start to be a little bit worried. You and yout beloved wife or husband sit and you start listening what the result of your love has to say. You can’t believe it!

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