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1000 likes..Thank you!

I have to admit. In this last weeks i was too lazy if one talks about my blog. Last time i posted regularly was back in November…two months ago! Sorry for that, but when you work, time is not the good you can “waste” and when i came back home, i was just mentally drained to write anything intersting. However, today something happened that i wanted forget:

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Thank you Teachers!

I wasn’t the smartest guy in the world when i was in school, both because i didn’t like spending hours of my day learning stuff about dead people or thing i had no interest to and because i hated my teachers, all of them. I just thought they were an obstacle between me and my happiness. Useless to say that i was stupid.

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MY BLOG’S WEEKLY REPORT #3: Still Getting Stronger!

In the last two weeks, especially the second one, i told how insane my week was. Well, this one was not bad at all!! And my journey is becoming funnier every single day.

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This post is absolutely crucial in my personal opinion. How can you become a good blogger without a schedule? You have to do that, probably is the second most important to thing after the topic you are going to talk about. I can’t even think about blogging without a plan.

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How to find inspirarion?

When you are a blogger your goal is entertaining both your followers and those who find your blog for the first time. Which means that you have “the duty” to offer something both interesting and that might worth someone else’s time. No matter how often you are gonna publish, what you offer must be good. But how can you have the inspiration to write something dope every single time?

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Promoting other’s Blog: would you do it?

This is a question i have in mind since i started my blog. Let’s imagine that we become big, very big, and someone write you on social media asking if you were agree to write a post about his or her blog. It hasn’t happened yet, however i am wondering what i would do. Well, i though about it, and then i finally found my answer.

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Let gay couples have Kids!

I am a huge fan of personal freedoms. And i am even more fan of personal freedom when we talk about gay and the entire LGBTQ community. However the discussion gets pretty rough when we put the words gay, family and, especially kids in the same sentence with a positive meaning. It seems that people are really scared of gay be happy and i really don’t know why.

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For some reason, you are crazy enough to decided to open a blog. In five minutes it’s all set and done and you are ready to share with the internet what you want to say. You publish the first, the second, the third and the fourth post. However you still struggle to have the traffic you planned. What’s the problem?

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My Blog’s Weekly Report #1: What a weird Week!

When i decided to open this blog i always have in mind you, my dear followers. I think that keeping my community updated is important as much as giving them always good stuff to read. For that reason i decided to created this weekly report where i talk about what happened in the last 7 days. And talking about this very first week…

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Sky’s the limit!

When you open something in internet or you start your own business in the “real world”, we have often fear that what we do might not work and we make the mistake not to do more, because we don’t want to see our creature destroyed. Wrong move. Think big, man!

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