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Critics: opportunity or waste of time?

The bigger one becomes, the higher are the opportunity to create a lovely community to talk and share opinions with or to be better together. However, between those you can call “friends” there are also those who are “enemies” for you, the so called haters. The question is: are haters an important part of your success or not?

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Verbal Violence is not the Solution!

I really hate when i see two or more people yelling to each other saying bat thing…like really, really, really bat things. I don’t really feel confortable at all when voices are too loud and faces turn into living tomatoes. Why do we have to act like wresltlers in real life, when we don’t need that?

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Domestic Violence: why?

I was happily surfing on the internet, like i usually do, when something came into my attention: according to the United Nation’s report from June 2020, the domestic in 2020 is increased by 40% in compairs with the last year (this is the article)…and often the victims are women. Why something like that happens?

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