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Does the world make us mentally sick?

In this society the mental health is one fo the most important thing we want to keep in the best possible shape! People in internet, superstar and every single one of us has got different solution to be happy, but we have all in common the fact the we are looking for an answer. Well, the answer is not as easy as one can think!

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Be empathetic!

In this world we are used to think about only about ourselves. And the reasons are a lot: selfishness, blindness, fear, maybe racism and too less time. I have just only one question: s this the right way to live? What would happen if we stopped for one minute and opened our eyes?

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Thank you Doctors!

This post is not only a tribute, but also a way to think about how important doctors, researchers and nurses really are. Because when the times are good and we are healthy, nobody think about the importance of doctors, but when we are sick things change a lot and pretty fast!

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Abortion is a human right to protect!

I am pretty pissed every time either someone or a certain group of people are not able to use their right to decide for theirselves. And i am more pissed when women are involved. I don’t actually understand why women are not in the position to decide what to do with their body.

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Verbal Violence is not the Solution!

I really hate when i see two or more people yelling to each other saying bat thing…like really, really, really bat things. I don’t really feel confortable at all when voices are too loud and faces turn into living tomatoes. Why do we have to act like wresltlers in real life, when we don’t need that?

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Reasons to be Happy!

In this world you might think that there’s nothing to be happy for. Well, it depends where you look and how you look at things around you, because there’s a lot of thing to be happy. Dont you believe me?

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Our FREEDOMS are only an “ILLUSION”!

This post will not be a depressed one. This is not my intention. However with this Cocid-19 pandemic, people are getting angry because government around the world are using “extreme measure” to fight back a really hard virus to fight, limiting personal freedoms. And, of course, some “smart minds” are thinking that all this limitation are made for controlling us. But freedoms are not something written in the stone!

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It’s Ok Not To Be Ok!

If you are wondering if i used those two talented, famous and wonderful women jus tfor a clickbating strategy, well…i don’t! There’s a reason why i used Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato as cover. And the reason is that they have shown their human sides, trying to help other people.

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Pregnancy: a bless from above!

I don’t know if miraacle exists, but pregnancy is probably the closest thing to it. It’s amazing that from something so small, two cells, a human being can born and it’s also even more amazing how a female body and mind are able to handle all of it.

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Loneliness: the best teacher

The society we are living in tells us the that being together with other people is cool. Between work, firends, family and sport we always surrounded with people who tells us thing. But it comes a time where the input from the wourl around us is just too much and somehow we lose the direction. Then it’s time to stay alone for a while.

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