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Does the world make us mentally sick?

In this society the mental health is one fo the most important thing we want to keep in the best possible shape! People in internet, superstar and every single one of us has got different solution to be happy, but we have all in common the fact the we are looking for an answer. Well, the answer is not as easy as one can think!

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Thank you Doctors!

This post is not only a tribute, but also a way to think about how important doctors, researchers and nurses really are. Because when the times are good and we are healthy, nobody think about the importance of doctors, but when we are sick things change a lot and pretty fast!

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Reasons to be Happy!

In this world you might think that there’s nothing to be happy for. Well, it depends where you look and how you look at things around you, because there’s a lot of thing to be happy. Dont you believe me?

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It’s Ok Not To Be Ok!

If you are wondering if i used those two talented, famous and wonderful women jus tfor a clickbating strategy, well…i don’t! There’s a reason why i used Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato as cover. And the reason is that they have shown their human sides, trying to help other people.

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