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Violence is Stupid!

Every form of violence for me is a huge nonsense, both phisical and verbal. Why does someone has to start a fight against someone else? Why everytime we have a problem we have to start always to argiung just to be right? It’s absolutely pointless!

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Critics: opportunity or waste of time?

The bigger one becomes, the higher are the opportunity to create a lovely community to talk and share opinions with or to be better together. However, between those you can call “friends” there are also those who are “enemies” for you, the so called haters. The question is: are haters an important part of your success or not?

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Is Talent Everything?

I’m a blogger and i have two “duties” to fullfil: i must write in a pleasent way and communicate perfectly to others my ideas, thoughts and positions about something. However, there are blogger bigger or better than me. I’m not humble, it’s true. What does make a blog more successful than another, when they talk about the same topic?

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