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Fashion #4: Lingerie

What happens in the bedroom stays in the bedroom. This is a no-written rules in everybody’s mind: no matter what happens, it must be a secret between all the people involved. However, this world is a house of glass and we know that most of us struggle to deliver a good performance. To solve the problem, the ladies often use lingerie to help a very tricky situation. Now, is lingerie a no-go or a must?

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My Body, My Choice!

Reanding this post you will probably realised how i’m happy that women are starting to fell free to do what they want and how much i think that world is colouring in pink. However i see problems when we talk about woman’s body. Women are doign everything they can to change the mentality, but it’s really hard.

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What does a Woman really want? How to know it.

Every single man in this world has problem with the other gender, thinking that men and women are not on the same page, they are too different and one doesn’t really know the other. This is probably the biggest truth ever: it doesn’t matter if you are single or in a relationship, a man will never understand a woman. Well, let me tell you that: this is the biggest BS i have ever heard in my life, because a man can really know what a woman want.

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Future is Pink!

You like it ot not, women one day will take the control of everything. Probably i will not be alive to see that, but one day we will have situation where women will control the world and men will stay home taking care of the house and of the kids. We are seen this evolution right now. Don’t you believe me?

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