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God Bless Science!

I’m just a blogger…so basically i am someone who write his thought about something. I have no ide about biology, architecture, astrophysics or chimic. However would be impossible for me to live without them. Why? Well, science is more importan than you think.

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I Don’t Know!

Very often, when i talk with people, or when i listen to other people i have the feeling that i miss something. It’s like i am a huge ignorant and i know nothing. For most of my young life i thought that it was my problem. Now, if i had my younger me in front of my face, i would punch him in the nuts.

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I’m a blogger myself and I have this problem over and over again. Every single time i write something, lot of question magically appear in my brain like “it is interesting?”, “is it something i would read?” and “will people understand my message?” .It’s frustrating and excited at the same time. So, i’m here to help you to do thing in the right way. Let’s start!

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