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I don’t know who will read this post, but i would like to talk about something that intrigues me pretty much. I hope that vegans around the world will comment below this post just to tell me what they think about my content and to explain me more.


If you could choose, which Superpower would you want?

I had this idea for a while now. Probably nobody will read it, but i would really appreciate if you stopped here. If you had the opprtunity to choose, which superpower would you pick? That’s not as easy answer, is it? It’s really hard to choose between all the superpower available. I tell you which superpower i would pick, then leave a comment tellong me yours!

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The perfect partner!!

During the Covid-19 pandemic lot of things happened and are still happiening, but one in particulary captured my attention: Lot of couple break up or decided to divorce. It’s something happened in lot of countries in Europe, i don’t know if in the rest od the world is the same. However, that study makes me thing. Who does the perfect partner look like?

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Mental block!

It happens often that some days you have so many ideas, but in others it seems that you have even lost the ability to write and thing properly, especially if you do the same thing for a long time. Between boredom, routine and stress it’s really eays to lose focus and the joy in what you are doing. With this negative environment, it’s really easy to lose inspiration, all the ideas are all washed away and you start to think that you can do this anymore. Just stop it!

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Respect in the First Place!

Never judge a book by its cover. This is something that we should keep in mind in our entire lives. But we don’t…not everyone at least! Why do i say that? Because we use tu judge what we see and often what we see is not the truth. How can we stop it? With respect.

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Is Talent Everything?

I’m a blogger and i have two “duties” to fullfil: i must write in a pleasent way and communicate perfectly to others my ideas, thoughts and positions about something. However, there are blogger bigger or better than me. I’m not humble, it’s true. What does make a blog more successful than another, when they talk about the same topic?

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Do what you love!

I’m a blogger. And i do tht for three reason: i have plenty of time now, i have lot say, this hard will to talk with other, because i don’t wanna work for a stupid boss anymore and because i love it. And the last point is the one i want to talk about.

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How important is sex for you?

Before to skip, just give me one minute. I know that those kind of topic is not welcome or you don’t want to read them, but give a shot. Then you can insult me. I promise that it’s not how it looks like.

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Endless Love: how to have that!

It happens sometimes that, when i walk around, i see old couple holding hands, kissing and being happy. Sometimes are even 70 or 80 years old people that they are still there together, loving each other like it was the first day. When i see that my heart melt lilke snow under the sun and i ask myself if today something like that can still be possible. Can we love someone unilt the end?

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What it means to HAVE a sibling!

I have the luck to have a sister, a older sister by the way. And you have no idea how amazing it is. But let’s start from the very beginning.

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