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My First Month as BLOGGER: Holy S**t!

What a first month has been: absolutey stunning, full of ideas, love, comments, appreciation and great results! I could not actually ask more as first month of my blogging career. But let’s start from the very beginning!

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My Blog’s Weekly Report #2: simply insane!

This week has been brilliant. I am actually still surprised of all it. In my very first Weekly Review, I told you that during that week i struggled pretty much to make my blog visible. Well, this week is not the case…at all.

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100 Like!!! Thank You!!

Hi everybody, followers and not followers! It’ s a little post just to tank you. Today i have reached 100 Likes on my Blog…in just one week! Probably for lot of you is not so important, but for me that i have opened this blog exactly one week ago it’s cool that people like what i have to say! Next Target is 100 follwers, this is harder, but i know that we can do that!!

With the wish that my growth can become bigger and bigger i wish you a wonderful Week-End!!