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World without money!

This is a very, very, very sci-fi post, i know alredy. I mean, we can only dream of a world without money. I know that probably it sounds crazy and an hyphotetical disaster, but it’s not. It might be probably the beginning of something so big that you can even imagine. Let me explain better.

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I love to be a blogger

I have the strong feeling that the more i do that, the more i am falling in love with being a blogger. It feels nice and perfect for me. In the beginning i was a little nervous, but now i am exactly where i am supposed to be. I love it for a lot of reasons.

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Adult Entertainment: Opportunity or Waste or Time?

Everythins started few days ago, when i posted my thought about nudity. Everthing was fine, until i received the following comment from “Image, Earth and Travel” Blog: “I’m not on instagram but get your point. The human body is beautiful but porn is ugly”. Why is porn so bad? Why is porn the elephant in the room?

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