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Are Kids our future??

When we talk about kids we say that they are our future. It’s a wonderful thought, but it’s the truth? Because i am not sure about that!

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Family Love must win!

I love my mom and my dad. I would sacrifice my life for them. And i think they would do the same for me. Even if i’m an adult, my mom and my dad are those two people in the world i will talk with for an advice, support and i will look for in case i need a safe place to be.

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Protect kids in INTERNET: right or wrong?

The access in internet is now the easiest think you can do. It’s a child’s play. A device and an internet connection are the only thing you need. Talking about kids, my question is the following: is it ok for you that kids can surf in internet? My personal answer is absolutely no. Why?

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