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I’m a blogger myself and I have this problem over and over again. Every single time i write something, lot of question magically appear in my brain like “it is interesting?”, “is it something i would read?” and “will people understand my message?” .It’s frustrating and excited at the same time. So, i’m here to help you to do thing in the right way. Let’s start!

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Inside or outside?

If you are together with a woman you have to decide, what you want to go for: inside or outside? Well, i might be agree with you that outside is the safest way, but i would pick the inside 100%. It’s more risky but give more stisfaction. Oh…i’m not talking about dirty stuff!

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Feel free to Express yourself

I open this blog for many reason (narcisism and money basically), but one of the most important is that i had a lot of thing to say, but i didn’t have the opportunity to express them because i felt uncomfortable saying my opinion about something in front of other people. I was afraid of other’s reaction and i felt always like my thought were stupid and very useless. Don’t do my mistake.

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