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Women: just one step behind!

I was reading the news on my phone and suddendly something interesting came to my attention. It was an article from a german newspaper “Der Spiegel“, where it’s described what a pregnant woman has to do before to go to the hospital for the family. And then i thought: will woman see the gender equality they are so strong looking for?

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If you could choose, which Superpower would you want?

I had this idea for a while now. Probably nobody will read it, but i would really appreciate if you stopped here. If you had the opprtunity to choose, which superpower would you pick? That’s not as easy answer, is it? It’s really hard to choose between all the superpower available. I tell you which superpower i would pick, then leave a comment tellong me yours!

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I was searching for a picture for another post i wanted to write. I opened my trusted site and in the very first page i saw this picture and then i thought: “OMG, a kid who’s readind a book? It’s insane!” and then i have had the idea of this post. I really don’t understand why culture is so dangerous! What’s the problem with being wise?

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Future is Pink!

You like it ot not, women one day will take the control of everything. Probably i will not be alive to see that, but one day we will have situation where women will control the world and men will stay home taking care of the house and of the kids. We are seen this evolution right now. Don’t you believe me?

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New Era for Women is coming!

The 21st Century in the century where everything is changing. We are changing the way we eat, we move, we think and we live. Between “Blacklivesmatter”, the “LGBTQ” and all the movement in pritection of women rights the society is chaniging, you like it or not. However, there’s something going on, pretty big that not all of us have realized how big it really is.

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