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2021: What to Expect!

Finally, 2020 is gone and 2021 is here! Now that that nightmare called 2020 is in the past, it’s time to focus to the 2021. What this year might be? How good can really be? What to expect from it?

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Thank you Teachers!

I wasn’t the smartest guy in the world when i was in school, both because i didn’t like spending hours of my day learning stuff about dead people or thing i had no interest to and because i hated my teachers, all of them. I just thought they were an obstacle between me and my happiness. Useless to say that i was stupid.

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If you could choose, which Superpower would you want?

I had this idea for a while now. Probably nobody will read it, but i would really appreciate if you stopped here. If you had the opprtunity to choose, which superpower would you pick? That’s not as easy answer, is it? It’s really hard to choose between all the superpower available. I tell you which superpower i would pick, then leave a comment tellong me yours!

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