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Fashion #4: Lingerie

What happens in the bedroom stays in the bedroom. This is a no-written rules in everybody’s mind: no matter what happens, it must be a secret between all the people involved. However, this world is a house of glass and we know that most of us struggle to deliver a good performance. To solve the problem, the ladies often use lingerie to help a very tricky situation. Now, is lingerie a no-go or a must?

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The “sexy” potato!

Potatoes are like women. I know that it may sound pretty weird and you can think that i’m a mashilist, because i’m comparing a woman with a vegetables, but it’s kinda true. At least, give me a shot! Then can you insult me as much as you want!

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Fashion: the PERFECTION of BIKINI!

Oh, bikini…what a wonderful thing! This is by far one of the best creation in the human history…after the pizza, of course! If you ask me, every woman in summer should wear bikini everywhere! But, unfortunately, the society decided that it’s not cool…what a drag! Anyway, i think that bikini doesn’t receive the right gloryfication they deserve! So, here i am!

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Adult Entertainment: Opportunity or Waste or Time?

Everythins started few days ago, when i posted my thought about nudity. Everthing was fine, until i received the following comment from “Image, Earth and Travel” Blog: “I’m not on instagram but get your point. The human body is beautiful but porn is ugly”. Why is porn so bad? Why is porn the elephant in the room?

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How important is sex for you?

Before to skip, just give me one minute. I know that those kind of topic is not welcome or you don’t want to read them, but give a shot. Then you can insult me. I promise that it’s not how it looks like.

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Sara Underwood: an icon of modern woman.

I was actually not sure writing this post, not because i had no idea what to write, but because the woman i am going to talk about might be pretty controversial. Now, my quesion is: do you know Sara Underwoon? Well, take a sit and five minute to read. Let’s see what happens.

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Once you start to have a stable relationship, what happens in the bedroom is always one of the most important thing to take care of, becaus the better the adult entertainment, the better is the relationship. However, there couple who struggle to have some good adult fun. But how can we all deliver good performances? Because everybody can.