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This post is absolutely crucial in my personal opinion. How can you become a good blogger without a schedule? You have to do that, probably is the second most important to thing after the topic you are going to talk about. I can’t even think about blogging without a plan.

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How old must A Blogger be?

In the middle of the night one does usually two things: sleep or nasty things. In my case, i think too muchinstead of sleeping, because my brain sleeps during the day and it wakes up in the night and i start to have ideas, sometimes good ones, other really bad ones. This time my brain ask me one quetion: How old must be a blogger? I have to tell you: i never thought about it and here i am, forcing to find an answer.

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For some reason, you are crazy enough to decided to open a blog. In five minutes it’s all set and done and you are ready to share with the internet what you want to say. You publish the first, the second, the third and the fourth post. However you still struggle to have the traffic you planned. What’s the problem?

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