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How be YOURSELF in blogging?

Since i started my journey as a blogger i have always had in mind one thing: be unique, As i said in this post, everyone does and talks about everything, so you have to be unique and something never seen before. Since you are posting any video, where people can see you, but you are writing, it’s crucial that what you write reflect who you are. But who to do it?

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Mental block!

It happens often that some days you have so many ideas, but in others it seems that you have even lost the ability to write and thing properly, especially if you do the same thing for a long time. Between boredom, routine and stress it’s really eays to lose focus and the joy in what you are doing. With this negative environment, it’s really easy to lose inspiration, all the ideas are all washed away and you start to think that you can do this anymore. Just stop it!

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Is Talent Everything?

I’m a blogger and i have two “duties” to fullfil: i must write in a pleasent way and communicate perfectly to others my ideas, thoughts and positions about something. However, there are blogger bigger or better than me. I’m not humble, it’s true. What does make a blog more successful than another, when they talk about the same topic?

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K-pop: Girls’ Generation

After having talked Taeyeon, Tiffany and Hyoyeon and Jessica it’s time to talk about one of the most famous and iconic group in the K-POP and not only: the Girl’s Generation.

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Do what you love!

I’m a blogger. And i do tht for three reason: i have plenty of time now, i have lot say, this hard will to talk with other, because i don’t wanna work for a stupid boss anymore and because i love it. And the last point is the one i want to talk about.

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Heather Rooney: Perfection Exists!

I just want a play a game with you: the image i used for this post is composed by three pictures. Two of them are drawings, one is a real photo. Try to guess which one is the real one. Heather Rooney is just perfect.

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I’m a blogger myself and I have this problem over and over again. Every single time i write something, lot of question magically appear in my brain like “it is interesting?”, “is it something i would read?” and “will people understand my message?” .It’s frustrating and excited at the same time. So, i’m here to help you to do thing in the right way. Let’s start!

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Money instead of quality

I really believe that. I’m not here to tell that “Products from before was better and now today is all bad” first because i am too young and second it not true. Today products are better than 50 years ago, for example. However, it’s really stupid that we use money and sing of quality.

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Hyoyeon, the dancing queen!

I talked about Jessica Jung, Kim Taeyeon and Tiffany Young, i couldn’t let Hyoyeon out of my blog. I just can’t. She’s something special and there’s really a huge difference between her period with the Girls’ Generation and her solo career. They are quite two different person.

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