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Be Curious!

The world we live in is unchangable and it’s perfect…and i am Santa Claus!! Ops…no kid, I AM NOT SANTA CLAUS! The funny part in that is that we are not allowed to think and we have to accept the world how it is. Absolutely not!

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Marriage: I Love You FOREVER!

I don’t really understand why do people after 20 or even more years has to divorce and follow to different paths. Why? I mean, after all you have lived and the thing you have shared and done together, how can you decided to leave and never come back? It’s insane, especially after what you did to end up together!

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We Need To Start To Talk!

When i say “we need to start to talk” i don’t mean that we have to speak our mind. This is something we do probably too much lately. I know that we have rights and freedoms to do that, but sometimes think before speak can save you from weird moments. I am saying that we should start to talk to each other, something we don’t do so well.

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Respect in the First Place!

Never judge a book by its cover. This is something that we should keep in mind in our entire lives. But we don’t…not everyone at least! Why do i say that? Because we use tu judge what we see and often what we see is not the truth. How can we stop it? With respect.

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